S Probio company was founded in 2015. It is the result of 35 years of professional experience and scientific synthesis technology in many industries. The main objective was to develop procedures in the field of probiotechnology with the highest parameters. The proposed product is now part of this project.

PBM- probiomineral is a combination of clean technology sedimentary minerals beneficial microorganisms. It also contains the highest probiotic index. PBM is the product of a durable, heat resistant, e.g., its presence in the soil may be useful for plants for many years. PBM is a biological antidote to aggression pathogenic flora and various toxins. The product creates favorable conditions for the dominance of beneficial organisms, thus opening the living space for the whole ecosystem. Thus, it is a product dedicated to a number of industries. Among them are: agriculture, animal husbandry, building a healthy, natural environment with particular emphasis on areas of living. We are now at the stage of research and development of detailed procedures for specific directions. In studies using PBM involved many teams from universities as well as independent experts from various specialties.

The product is certified by the PZH. Each new and proven experience will publish for the popularization of our experience.