The company S - ProBio is a manufacturer of probiotic procedures with very high performance.

PBM – Probio Mineral is a natural organic product in the form of powder. It is a biological antidote which enhances colonisation of probiotic strains displacing pathogenic flora (moulds and fungi) and eliminating toxins located in the immediate vicinity. PBM – Probio Mineral enables useful microorganisms to develop by creating adequate space for the total ecosystem at the same time. It also contains the highest probiotic index.




1. Construction sector – it serves for building healthy houses. It can be used as an additive in emulsion paints (interior in the amount of 3%), it creates probiotic walls. Located in the walls, PBM – Probio Mineral with its vibrations scatters radiation from the net for about 50%. Moreover, it displaces pathogenic flora and eliminates toxins from furniture, floors, and windows etc.


2. Environmental protection - with the amount of 1 tonne per hectare, PBM – Probio Mineral detoxifies contaminated soil; it does not degrade.


3. Agriculture - PBM – Probio Mineral serves as organic mortar for seeds. It ensures protection for systems of roots, bulbs, and the whole plant. It can be used as an additive for substratum in the amount of 1-2%.


4. Livestock - suitable for use as an additive in feed, in the procedure of animal hygienisation and feeding devices. It can be used for cleaning the udder.


5. Cosmetics - probiotic additive to soap, toothpaste, and creams.



We  working on deeper research are further research, agriculture, environmental protection.